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Your use of Studygigs.com website constitutes your agreement to the below terms of use. By submitting a request and order and paying for our services, you are acknowledging that you agree to our terms and conditions.
In this document:
Website means www.studygigs.com
Customer, client, yours or you means any person who solicits our services for or on behalf of another person.
Company, we or our means refers to the business Ltd.
Product refers to an original written paper or essay that is researched upon, written and delivered electronically to the client in accordance with his/her order.
Order refers to written instructions that specify the scope and the requirements of the product. It is usually filled and submitted in our website in the form of standard electronic form.

studygigs.com services
By submitting any order and/or payment forthwith, you will be buying the product for your personal, non-commercial use only. All our products are written by a team of writers who transfer all rights and ownership regarding the products to studygigs.com. For more information about our services, visit how it works page. It is your prerogative to read and understand these terms and conditions before you place an order or payment to this company.

Copyright and personal use.
The products delivered to you are original. studygigs.com and its affiliates retain the copyright to the products that are delivered to you. Your use of the delivered products and the other materials from this website is for your non-commercial use only. You should not distribute, transmit, publish, display or exploit the products or contents of this site without the prior written consent of studymoose.net. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless studymoose.net for unauthorized uses you may make of any material available from this website. Any unauthorized use of the delivered product and/or content of this website may subject you to civil or criminal penalties.

Privacy and Security
For an explanation of studymoose.net practices and policies related to the collection, use and storage of the online guests’ information, kindly read our privacy policy. For the information about the security of our clients ordering information and credit card numbers while ordering, refer to our privacy policy.

No Plagiarism
You acknowledge that studygigs.com has the right to recall any contract, arrangement or agreement with any individual who plagiarizes products. You also accept that no products by studygigs.com will be given to third parties nor distributed in any way for payment or any other purpose. You also acknowledge that if studygigs.com suspects that the delivered product has been circulated or has been used by you or in any form of plagiarism, we reserve the right to terminate our services to you.
You should not put a personal name on the delivered products. All the materials from studygigs.com are for reference and/or research only. studygigs does not encourage condone, or knowingly take partake acts of academic dishonesty. We firmly abide by the copyright laws and will not knowingly allow clients to violate the copyright laws. The products or contents delivered to you from this site should be used as a model or example document for research use. Any text and/or ideas from our paper that you borrow, reference, refer to or otherwise apply it in your original paper must be adequately cited and attributed to this site.
Neither studygigs.com nor any of its partners and/or affiliates shall be responsible for inappropriate, unethical, illegal or wrongful use of the contents and/or other written material received from our website. This include academic probation, plagiarism, loss of grants, scholarships/titles/prizes/positions, lawsuits, poor grading, failure, expulsion, suspension or other punitive actions that may arise from unethical, or illegal use of our content.

Links Disclaimer.
Although studygigs.com may be linked to other sites, we do not approve, endorse, sponsor or certify the linked websites unless expressly stated. studygigs.com does not own, control and we are not responsible for contents of any website linked to this site. Linking to another website is at your risk.

Money Back Guarantees
The merchandises are refundable but do not come with warranties, implied or expressed. Once a paper has been completed, studygigs.com may grant a refund if you are not satisfied with the final paper. In certain cases, studymoose.net may provide a refund at its discretion. For more information about our money back guarantee, discount and bonus programs, kindly visit the FAQ page.

By sending the payment and/or order, you accept that you are in agreement with the statement above and the terms below:
Any material and/or ideas used from the product must be properly cited.
All products are provided solely as examples to research, reference and/or learn how to write a paper correctly in a particular citation style.
All products were acquired by a team of writers who transferred all rights and ownership to studygigs.com and its affiliates.
You agree that studygigs.com is receiving payment for the effort that goes into research, gathering, correcting, organizing, editing, delivering and posting these materials. Payments also cater for advertising, maintenance, and administration, of this website for educational access.
Apart from a sensible number of reproductions for non-commercial use, the customer may not otherwise distribute, reproduce, publish, modify, display, transmit, or create imitative works from or our product or contents. If our anyone has to use our materials, he/she have to obtain a prior written consent from studygigs.com.
You accept to destroy the delivered products after your research or reference use. No copies shall be made for distribution, and/or parts of any product shall be used without proper citation.

Warranty Disclaimer.
studygigs.com makes no representation or warranties about the website or any materials within. Whether express or implied, arising by law or otherwise, including, without limitation any implied warranty of merchantability, capability for a particular resolve, course of dealing or usage of trade.
In addition, studymoose.net makes no representation that the operation of the service or website will be without errors or uninterrupted. studygigs.com will not be liable for the consequences of any errors or interruptions on the site. It is your responsibility to assess the completeness, accuracy, or usefulness of any opinion, information, content or advice provided in connection with the service or otherwise available through the website. Kindly seek the advice of the professionals, as appropriate, regarding the evaluation of any such opinion advice information or other content.

Limitation of liability.
You agree to hold studymoose.net, its employees, shareholders, directors, and fulfillment agencies, any third party providers or source of information and data and legal advertisers harmless. studymoose.net is not liable for any rights, actions, damages, losses and any claims that may arise from the materials including but not limited to:
Electronic, Internet, network, hardware or software, telephone, email, computer malfunctions or any failures of any kind.
Delayed, failed or incomplete computer transmissions.
Conditions that may be caused by events beyond the control of studymoose.net that may cause the product to be delayed, corrupted or disrupted.
Damages, losses or injuries arising in connection with or as a result of utilizing our services.
Any typographical or printing errors in any materials associated with our services

In addition, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold studygigs.com and its affiliates harmless from claims or suits, including attorney’s fee, made by a third party due to or arising out of using our services. Either your violation of our terms of use, breach of any right of a third party or another omission by you.
In no event shall studygigs.com be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or resulting damages that can arise due to the use of this website.

You agree that we may unilaterally change these terms and conditions. We recommend reviewing of this page from time to time as any such amendments will be reflected in this section of our website.

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